Want to Become a Member at MBC?

Mission Bible Church is a local assembly of Christ’s international body of believers (the Church), who are unified around the message of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, have repented of their sins and been baptized, are separated from the world in order to practice personal holiness, who mutually submit to one another as each would have need, submit to the leaders who pray and labor over them, and who gather each week to learn, grow, and commune with Christ together.

Membership at Mission Bible Church is a simple three step process designed to help you learn more about God, His Word, His Church, and what that means for you.

Step 1: Attend Membership Classes

Before joining any local church, it’s important to know what they teach. There are four classes in the membership series designed to give you an overview of what MBC teaches, all of which are required to attend in order to apply for membership.

  • Class #1: What is the Gospel?
  • Class #2: Theological Distinctives (Major)
  • Class #3: Theological Distinctives (Minor)
  • Class #4: What is the Church?

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Step 2: Submit Your Testimony

Following Class #4: “What is the Church?”, you’ll have the opportunity to share your personal testimony by submitting an application to join membership.

Step 3: Meet with a Pastor

Upon receipt of your testimony and membership application, you’ll be scheduled to meet with one of MBC’s Pastor-Elders to discuss your desire to join the fellowship at Mission Bible Church.

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