Recent studies reveal that 70%-80% of professing teens renounce their faith by the end of their first year in college. This sobering truth yields the indisputable fact that the institutional youth ministry model is not working. So what do we do? At MBC Students we believe that the biblical model of discipleship, founded upon faithful observation, interpretation, and application of God’s word, is the answer. We are committed to coming alongside the parents in their God-given role of being the primary disciple makers and investing in the next generation of the church.


We believe the role of the church is to come alongside parents in this multi-decade process, offering prayer, encouragement, and the tools to support them in the journey. We aim to do achieve this goal, but in a manner that may look a little different than most approaches.. MBC Students operates around five pillars that provides a general framework of how our ministry functions:

1. Student Discipleship
While the parents are the primary disciple-makers, the Student Director and the Student Leaders are committed to cultivating life-on-life discipleship relationships with the students as they navigate these formative years. Upon coordinating with each family, every student is integrated into a student ministry life group. Each student in our life groups engage in guided studies through books of the bible, develops an understanding of key doctrines, and learns to practically apply the word of God in his/her day-to-day life.

2. Family-integrated Corporate Worship
Sunday is a time for students to worship corporately with the church. For centuries, the youth sat under the same teaching as their parents and were instilled with the same biblical truth. We believe allowing students to worship with the rest of the saints on the Lord’s day will open the door to rich dialogue between parents and their children; and will serve to integrate them into the body of Christ.

3. Gather Events
Community is important and one of our goals is ensuring that students find enriching fellowship with other believers and the church at large. To assist in this, “Gather Events” are hosted quarterly for the students to come together and engage in activities the center on building Christian community, ministry opportunities, and making memories. We learn, serve, and have fun together.

4. Campus and Community Outreach
Preaching the Gospel and evangelizing our local Jr. High schools, High schools, and neighboring communities is a key area of focus for MBC Students. We desire to see many students come to a true, authentic, saving faith in Jesus Christ that will produce a lifetime of faithfulness. However, it begins with boldly proclaiming the Gospel that saves.


Each MBC Student Ministry leader has met each of the following requirements put forth by the church in order to be in ministry as a lay leader.

• Growing Christian for at least 2 years
• A member of Mission Bible Church
• Interviewed by a Pastor
• Undergone ministry-specific training
• Demonstrates a deep love for the Lord and a desire to disciple others

Our team is comprised of individuals who love the Lord, love the church, and are ready to serve you and your family!


If you are a new family or you would like more information on joining the ministry and getting your son or daughter connected with an MBC Students life group, please email Pastor Desmond Outlaw at: doutlaw@missionbible.org.



The Bible calls pastors and people to partner together as Christ builds His church. Our membership process allows people to get to know the church, and pastors to know the people so that we can fulfill our purpose together.

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Baptism is a public declaration of authentic faith in Jesus Christ. Every believer who takes this step of obedience is a living testimony of Christ’s power to save.

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We believe in the power of prayer through submitting to God’s will in all things. As you trust the Lord through the ups and downs of life, we want to stand by you in faith.

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desmond outlaw
Desmond Outlaw

Desmond Outlaw is a staff pastor at Mission Bible Church and oversees MBC Students ministry and student life groups. For more information, email doutlaw@missionbible.org.