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Our Mission

MBC KIDS exists to reach and teach the Next Generation for Christ!

BIBLE BUCKS (1st Sunday of the Month)

Bible Bucks is a fun and creative incentive for your child to store God’s Word in their heart. Throughout the month, they get the opportunity to earn Bible Bucks as they memorize their monthly verses. Then on the first Sunday of the month, they get to have a blast spending their hard-earned money at the Bible Bucks Store!

KIDS WORSHIP (Last Sunday of the Month)
kids worship

On the last Sunday of the month, Pre-K through Elem gathers for highly creative bible teaching along with group worship.

Our Ministry Philosophy

1. Evangelize Children


The church has a mandate to take the Gospel into all the world and to share the good news of Christ with every person (Mt 28:18–20; Lk 24:46–47). Therefore the motivation for Kids Ministry must begin with God’s command to evangelize the lost, which also includes children (Acts 2:39). Thus, Kids Ministry is a practical feature of our church’s desire to obey Christ as we participate in this facet of the Great Commission.


We understand that a child’s greatest need is regeneration because children are dead in their sin and without hope of salvation (Rom 3:23, Eph 2:1-3). Yet, children, as well as adults, can receive forgiveness of sins, a relationship with God, and purpose in life through trusting in Christ as Lord and Savior (Rom 10:9–13). This reality is the cornerstone of our ministry to children as their greatest need for the Gospel is our greatest opportunity for eternal impact (Rom 10:14–16).


Therefore, the target of our ministry is heart preparation as we cultivate the soil of children’s hearts through sowing the seed of the Gospel. This includes teaching children the fear of God, humility over weakness, penitence over sin, facts about the Gospel, and an appreciation for Christ. Furthermore, since salvation is of the Lord, we avoid soliciting salvation professions; but rather encourage the fruit of genuine repentance as demonstrated through a life of submission to Christ’s lordship.

2. Partner with Parents


Parents have a mandate to raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph 6:4; Col 3:21). Thus, parents are to be the primary evangelists and spiritual trainers of their children. This is a continuous command that is actively fulfilled by the parent while being a godly example, giving personal exhortation, and specific edification for the spiritual well being of the child.


The church is called to encourage parents in their God-given task of raising godly children. This is clearly implied through the household commands (Col 3:18–21) and the church’s mandate to equip, and encourage believers (Eph 4:12–16). Furthermore, the Scriptures call for strong Christian families that are growing and being molded through the ministry of the Body of Christ (Eph 5–6). Therefore, our church seeks to support and enhance the spiritual vitality of the home, while never usurping the parental role and responsibility.


Therefore, our mission is to support parents in their God-given role of raising children to love Christ. We seek to accomplish this through providing a parenting framework, equipping parents with marriage and parenting classes, resources, and personal shepherding geared to elevate their effectiveness. We also provide encouragement through offering quality childcare so that parents can attend worship services, classes or other ministry events undistracted. Lastly, we seek to lovingly exhort those parents who may not have fully embraced their God-given responsibility to raise their children in the Lord.

3. Equip Servants


The church also has a mandate to equip servants for the work of the ministry (Eph 4:11–16). This happens as Pastor-Teachers provide spiritual leadership and resources provoking people to grow in Christlikeness. Thus, this practical preparation “for ministry” is inseparably linked to actually placing saints in the ministry. This further accentuates spiritual growth as saints exercise spiritual giftedness through serving the Body, which ultimately strengthens the Body!


Kids Ministry is an effective link in the chain of equipping and enlisting saints into productive ministry that promotes the spiritual growth and vitality of the church. This ministry serves as an appropriate place where believers can embrace their mandate to minister while also being ministered to through continual edification. Thus, Kids Ministry provides a plethora of opportunities for saints to sacrificially serve and grow, while simultaneously strengthening the church.


Therefore, our mission is to also provide a place of constant edification for our faithful servants who minister every week. We desire that they would continue to be equipped even though they are already enlisted into the ministry of the church. In order to accomplish this we seek to provide opportunities for growth and encouragement through pastoral oversight, ministry wide gatherings, and enriching curriculum that takes them deeper into the Word. Also, we encourage servants to join a Life Group where they can grow in the Word and grow with others. These servants are also edified as they communicate God’s truth to children and each other on a weekly basis.



The Bible calls pastors and people to partner together as Christ builds His church. Our membership process allows people to get to know the church, and pastors to know the people so that we can fulfill our purpose together.

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Baptism is a public declaration of authentic faith in Jesus Christ. Every believer who takes this step of obedience is a living testimony of Christ’s power to save.

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We believe in the power of prayer through submitting to God’s will in all things. As you trust the Lord through the ups and downs of life, we want to stand by you in faith.

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Albert Kilgore is a Staff Pastor at Mission Bible Church and oversees the MBC KIDS ministry. For more information, email akilgore@missionbible.org.