Phase I Update

At this year’s All Member Meeting, we were able to praise God for hundreds of lives impacted by MBC both in Orange County and around the world. We also discussed the possibility of being able to move into a new church facility by this time next year.

Following the Vision Banquet in April, we received ~$860,000 in pledges toward our $1.5 Million goal to secure a church facility that could host 500 people in one service, allow for 12 classroom spaces, and even an on-site seminary space for the future training of Pastors.

Not wanting to extend beyond what the Lord has provided, but still driving toward our goal of a new church facility, our team of pastor-elders has determined it wise to make a Phase I move into a facility which can be attained with the $860,000 pledge amount…


For the past seven years, God has been telling His story of grace through you. Mission Bible Church has become a home for truth, in Orange County and around the world. But that story has just begun. What if the most amazing chapters are yet to unfold? What will people say fifty years from now about what God is doing at Mission Bible Church?

OUR MISSION HOME is a God-sized all-church project. Our goal is to raise enough capital to cover the down payment and initial build-out of our very own church property in central Orange County. After seven years of renting, it is time for Mission Bible to own a home, leaving a legacy for generations to come. God is graciously allowing us to participate in what He is doing and it will take ALL OF US committing to prayer, sacrifice, and faithful obedience to accomplish this world-changing mission.

Forward in Faith,

Pastors and Elders of Mission Bible Church

interior rendering
childrens' area rendering

central orange country

central orange country

central orange country

central orange country

central orange country

These numbers are estimates and may vary from the final building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do We Need Our Own Church Property?

Our current location provides Sunday morning worship but limits midweek programming for children, adult Bible studies, seminary training, conferences, home-school cooperatives, and Sunday evening worship. Although we’ve been blessed with a beautiful “starter apartment” it is vital we offer MBC members, and future generations, an enduring “home” for 24-7 ministry.

When Will We Move To Our New Church Property?

Our current goal is to occupy a new Phase I property by August 2020, and expand to OUR MISSION HOME property by 2025.

What Will Our New Property Look Like?

We are reviewing retail and warehouse sites totaling 20,000 sq. ft. with ample parking, allowing space for a: 500 person worship center, a dozen classrooms, office space, an indoor-outdoor lobby for fellowship, book-store, and coffee-house for fellowship, etc.

For Phase I we are reviewing retail and warehouse sites totaling 10,000 sq. ft., allowing space for a: 300 person worship center, half a dozen classrooms, and indoor-outdoor lobby for fellowship, etc.

Where Will The New Building Be?

We are targeting properties within 3-4 miles of our current location.

What Is The Total Cost Of This New Church Property?

By 2018 commercial property rates, our target property will cost between 4 and 4.5 million dollars. This data is based on comparable church builds in Southern CA done by our lending institution.

For Phase I we are pursuing both lease and purchase opportunities. Lease opportunities would run in the range of $10,000 – $17,000 per month.

What Are You Asking Me To Do?

First, we are asking you to pray, prioritizing Sunday Worship Services and preparing your heart to hear God’s Word. Second, think about what level of faithful financial sacrifice you can make to this project over and above current offerings. Finally, if you have skillsets or connections with contractors, sub-contractors, or finishing work that you might be able to offer for cost, or at a discount, please let us know.

What Is The ‘Right Amount’ For Me To Give?

The ‘right amount’ is the amount God places on your heart to give. Your commitment is a response in worship. The Apostle Paul says in 2 Corinthians 9:6-7 that “Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

What If I Can’t Afford To Give Right Now?

OUR MISSION HOME is about your total, radical, sacrificial generosity to God’s mission through MBC. We believe that God calls us to give in times of hardship just as much as he does in times of abundance, and what that looks like with be different for every person and family. We trust that God will direct all of us, calling us to surrender our lives completely in the area of giving and see that it is not something that he wants from us, but something that he wants for us. Sacrificial giving may mean being challenged to sell things, cutting back in certain areas of spending, or even trusting God in faith by making a commitment that you don’t quite know how to fulfill right now, but that you believe God will provide.

Who Is Conducting The Property Search?

The initial analysis of a new property was prayerfully performed by MBC Elders, subsequently selecting Chris Bury, Sr. V.P. – Foundry Commercial to steer our targeted property search. Once a property is secured, a Building Committee will be composed.

Have We Located A Building?

We have viewed multiple options but cannot move forward until funds are raised. Once we’ve placed $500,000 in reserves towards a down payment, Conditional Use Permit, and initial build out, we can submit an LOI, and move to escrow.

Can We Raise This Much Money Above Our Budget Needs?

Evangelical churches typically raise around two to three times their annual giving in a financial campaign. After reviewing our full financial picture, likely attrition rates, current net margins, with projected planning, design, construction, and long-term costs, we believe that through radical generosity and sacrificial giving, we can move the vision forward, without putting the church or staff in jeopardy.

What If We Don’t Raise The Entire Amount?

We are committed to being in a new property by September 2021, thus the amount raised will not impact when we move but the type of building to which we move. In essence, whether we move into a “fixer-upper” or a “dream home” we believe God is calling us to have a new home.  

Will This Campaign Have A Negative Impact On Missions?

No. Donors outside of immediate MBC membership fund 99% of all missionary work.

What Is A Commitment (Or Pledge) Card?

The OUR MISSION HOME Commitment Card is where you can indicate what you plan to give over the three-year campaign period, with options for how and over what schedule you have prayerfully decided to contribute. This card is vital, informing us of what to expect and how to wisely plan expenditures. When the time comes to begin giving, a number of methods are available (giving online, by check, automatic checking withdrawal, etc.) with options for stocks and non-cash gifts as well. For specific questions about giving, contact campaign manager Cindy Measurall

When Do We Expect ‘Construction’ To Begin?

Once we’ve placed $500,000 in reserves, and entered negotiations with a landlord, advisors indicate it will take 6-9 months to secure Conditional Use Permits from the City and another 6 months to perform modifications. Thus, the project will take approximately two years to complete. Of course, updates will be given to the church (and each contributor) along the way, including here on this website.

After The Move Will We Still Help OCRM?

Yes, of course. Jim Palmer, President of OCRM, is one of our church members, and very close friend to Pastor Anthony Wood. We will continue to help with their ministry, especially to freshman students, who need the proper introduction to God’s Word and the Gospel.

Will This Move Grow Our Church?

Yes. Data suggests our church will grow quickly in a new building. In our five-years on a rescue mission site, the church has grown 38% singles, 37% newlyweds, 21% seniors, and only 5% school-age families K-12. This data, when compared to attendance figures of other traditional churches, highlights that parents of school-age children will be much more likely to attend a typical church facility than a rescue mission environment.

Will My Commitment Be Recognized?

Clearly, your greatest recognition will come one day from Christ. However, the new lobby of our church building will consist of a “Legacy Wall” including names and dates of “Founders” who helped build Mission Bible’s first home. This wall is not so much to honor the people but to honor the story of God’s grace.

Where Do I Direct Other Questions About The Campaign?

To secure a detailed FAQ or ask personal questions of the campaign team, call the church office or email the MBC campaign project manager Cindy Measurall

Give or Pledge

PRAY – Come before the Lord with an open heart, asking He guide your generosity. Pray about how He wants to work through you in Orange County and around the world.

READ- Read your Bible, study the FAQ, and participate in weekly Life Groups based on the Sunday sermons.

DISCUSS – Talk with your spouse, children, friends – get honest and share your dreams for our new church home. What does our church need? What are your ministry priorities? What excites you about a new church building?  

TRUST – Trust Jesus and what He is calling you to do. Enjoy this opportunity to give His church a new home

GIVE – Commit cards now available on Sundays at the Next Steps table. Aren’t in SoCal? Email project manager Cindy Measurall for PDF.

This is truly an “all church” project. We have $200,000 in reserves and another $200,000 in early pledges. With the commitments below, we can reach our $1.5M goal.

  • 1 commitment of $250,000
  • 2 commitments of $100,000
  • 3 commitments of $50,000
  • 7 commitments of $25,000
  • 15 commitments of $10,000
  • 24 commitments of $5,000 or ~$140/month
  • 30 commitments of $1,000 or ~$28/month
  • 50 commitments of $500 or ~$14/month

Give To Our Mission Home


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Pledge To Our Mission Home


Contributions and Redesignated Funds Combined

(does not include funds in church reserves)

$608,377 of $1,500,000 goal

*The first $200,000 donated to this project will be matched through a Matching Grant from a generous donor.  This means your gift today will be doubled!

Phase I Goal $500,000 100%


Update #4


Phase I Funding Goal Achieved!

With the $500,000 Phase I funding goal achieved, Pastor Brett discussed what’s next in the building plan and Pastor Tony launches a church-wide 31 Days of Prayer initiative.

Update #3


Phase I Update by Pastor Brett

Adjusting the original vision to match Commitment Sunday pledges, Pastor Brett discusses the new Phase I building plan at this year’s All Member Meeting.“

Update #2


Vision Banquet Pledge Update by Pastor Tony

Commitment Sunday was this past week, and we are excited to report over $852,000 in pledges towards a new church building!

Update #1

Identifying My Master Passion
(Matthew 6:19-24)

Speaker: Pastor Anthony Wood
April 07, 2019